Power Minister Launches ‘Reform & Regulatory Knowledge Base For Power Sector’


New Delhi: The Union Minister for Power and New &Renewable Energy, R.K Singh launched “Reform and regulatory knowledge base for power sector”, an e certification program to provide regulatory training to the practitioners from diverse backgrounds, here today, through virtual mode.

He also launched a Regulatory Data Dashboard which is an e-compendium of data containing State-wise details of tariff and DISCOM performance. They have been developed by IIT Kanpur.

The Regulatory Data Dashboard would assist benchmarking of the sector performance, over time and across the power sector utilities. This would help regulators and policy makers as well as the entities themselves to identify areas for improvement.

Minster of State for Power, Krishan Pal Gurjar,Secretary Power, Shri Alok Kumar, Secretary MNRE Shri Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi,senior officials from both the ministries, Chairperson and members of Central Electricity Authority, Director IIT Kanpur Shri Abhay Karandikar, representatives from states /UTs , CMDs of Power PSUs and DISCOMs, industry representatives were also present at the occasion.

Speaking at the event, the Power Minister expressed his appreciation for IIT Kanpur for the initiative. He said that India is preparing itself for the next generation by modernisation, but the process of making our system sustainable is work in progress.

Challenges of energy access and supply have been resolved by establishing capacity generation making us a power surplus nation, he added.

Shri Singh further said that we have established one grid for the country and one unified market for power free from long term PPAs. Steps are being taken for strengthening of distribution system. He suggested that let the full cost be reflected in tariff and then the elected governments can provide subsidy based on that.

He emphasized that in the power sector, regulatory framework is the key to sustainability. Regulators exist to maintain a level playing field and at the same time to protect rights of the consumers. He urged that there is great scope for standardisation in regulatory framework by research.

Power Minster added that deliberations of IIT Kanpur with regulators and states to lay down a protocol for forum of regulators would be of great service to the power sector. He further urged for research and development in smart metering, AI based energy accounting and cyber security. AI based energy accounting has been mandated by us, and technologies need to make sense of the big data created from it, he added.

Singh further asked for research and study in green hydrogen to be incorporated in not only the Refining and the Fertiliser industries, but in other industries such as steel , glass , ceramics and heavy mobility.

He said that transition from fossil fuels to green hydrogen is the need of the hour and green consciousness has already emerged in the industry but technology problems need to be resolved.

He concluded by saying that it is power sector which is leading the change by evolving and modernising; the world is changing and we are going to lead the change rather than following it.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of State for PowerKrishan Pal Gurjar said that 100 percent electrification of all the willing households have been done in the country with average power supply of more than 22 hours in rural areas and 23 hours 36 minutes in cities.

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