Power Cuts, Low Voltage Troubles Denizens

Bhubaneswar: Though Tata took over the management and operations of WESCO, there seems to be no change on the ground in quality and an uninterrupted power supply added woes to the residents of the state capital.

Reportedly, there is no improvement either in the overall quality of power supply and rational load distribution or in low voltage and load shedding, causing great inconvenience to the consumers in Bhubaneswar.

Meanwhile, the price is continuing to increase by 50 paise in seven months. Even after a pile of complaints, the grievances remain unheard by the authorities, locals said.

Locals alleged that even if it drizzles outside, the authority cut power supply for several hours in the city.

On Sunday, the city witnessed rainfall and thunderstorm. However, the wind speed was also normal but the authority cut the power supply for several hours in the city.

Following this, the locals tried to contact the authority to take the stock of the situation. However, there was no response from their side even after numbers of calls.

Government and BMC suggest the people not step outside without any work. But due to frequent power outages and scorching heat, residents of the city are forced to step outside of the house.

The consumers of the smart city had hoped that the distribution and management of power in the city would substantially improve in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, infrastructure, and improvement in low voltage, but all the hopes and aspirations of the consumers have been shattered.

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