Poor condition of NH 49 claims 13 lives in Deogarh in last 8 months


Deogarh: Road woes continue to become a nightmare in Deogarh district as the pathetic condition of NH-49 has claimed the lives of at least 13 persons in the last eight months.

While 33 cases of road mishaps were reported to have occurred on the National Highway stretch from the time period of January to August, 13 commuters have lost their lives in these unfortunate incidents. On the other hand, at least 45 persons who faced accidents have sustained injuries.

As per the acquired reports:

  • January- Two persons were injured in two accidents.
  • February- Two killed, five injured in six mishaps.
  • March- One mishap that killed one person and injured another.
  • April- 5 mishaps that left 1 dead and injured five others.
  • May- Five accidents that killed two persons and critically injured 10.
  • June- Five accidents in which four persons were killed and nine were left with grievous injuries.
  • July- Seven mishaps in which three persons lost their lives and ten persons suffered injuries.
  • August- Two mishaps that killed two persons.

Meanwhile, the potholes that are scattered on the entire stretch of motorways connecting Barakot block and Sadar Area force commuters to waste over an hour of their time in order to reach their destination.

Commuters and drivers of vehicles starting from two-wheelers to four-wheelers including buses and heavy vehicle undergo the same trauma. Besides, ambulance services also face a delay of around 4-5 hours due to the poor condition of the road.

While the number of such unfavourable incidents are on a rise as the National Highway has turned into an accident-prone zone, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), which is supposed to maintain the NH, continued to showcase apathy and laxity.

In the absence of any tangible work in these areas post-monsoon rains, vehicles are getting tilted, breaking down, losing balance and becoming prone to accidents.

However, due to frequent protests by the locals including various social organisations and directions of the district administration, the NHAI opted to repair few parts of the entire National Highway that is majorly covered with craters.

Lack of maintenance of the road is causing problems for commuters. Reportedly, the deteriorated condition of Kolkata-Mumbai NH has scared the commuters to step on the roadway.

Following the brewing resentment among commuters and locals of these areas, Member of the Lok Sabha from Sambalpur Nitesh Ganga Dev had also written to Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India Nitin Gadkari seeking assistance and action regarding the repair on the roads.

Earlier on August 30, the Bharatiya Janata Party workers led by Deogarh MLA Subash Chandra Panigrahi launched a 12-hour road blockade to protest against the poor condition of the National Highway.

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