Pollution causes more deaths than dreaded Covid in Indian cities: Study

Bengaluru: Air pollution is causing more deaths than the dreaded coronavirus in key Indian cities, a Greenpeace study has revealed.

The study said that PM2.5 air pollution has claimed nearly 54000 lives in the national capital, Delhi alone. This figure is more than the number of deaths due to coronavirus infection in Delhi ,the study  said.

The Greenpeace study said as of February 17 the total deaths due to Covid-19 in Delhi stands at 10984.

An estimated 25,000 avoidable deaths in Mumbai in 2020 due to toxic air were registered. Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi estimated an approximate 12,000, 11,000, 11,000, and 54,000 avoidable deaths respectively due to air pollution.

The study further said air pollution continues to be a serious public health issue despite recording relatively better air quality this year due to strict lockdown following Covid pandemic.

Air pollution has drastically impacted upon our economy, the Greenpeace study said and added that it is crucial that investments are made towards green and sustainable solutions. Clean energy must be our priority over fossil fuel to ward off the crisis, the study said.