Police arrests five in Balasore murders of four


Balasore: In the shocking crime when four people were murdered at Paganai near Balasore on January 27, police has arrested five accused. The murder was the outcome of previous enmity, police said.

In a press conference, Balasore SP Neeti Shekhar, SDPO Amaresh Panda and Sadar police station officials informed that the murders were related to the group clash in Suelpur in Balasore in October 2016 in which Kanhu Majhi was killed.

To take revenge, Kanhu’s brother Ramesh Majhi (31), the prime accused had planned the murder of Pratibha Mandal whose brother Kharabela Majhi is jailed in Kanhu’s killing. Ramesh, along with 13 other people, went on motorcycles to the house in Paganai where Pratibha (44), son Suman (15), daughter Suduli (18) and relative Anita Majhi’s son Debendra (13) were asleep. Six of them went inside and committed the inhuman crime while the others waited. They chopped off Pratibha’s head and first carried it with them but later threw it on the road.

Police arrested Ramesh, Upendra Majhi (43), Chandan Jena (20), Ramesh’s uncle Jayanta Majhi (58) and his son Sudam (27). Ramesh was working as a forest guard in Kuldiha sanctuary. Police found the weapons – six sickles, seven mobiles and a motorcycle used in the crime.

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