PoK under watch after Chinese aircraft lands at Skardu airbase in Pakistan


New Delhi: The PoK is under watch after Chinese air activity over LAC has been increasing since a week. India’s radar surveillance has increased in these days.

This has happened after a Chinese aircraft landed in Pakistani airbase Skardu in PoK last week. Media reports said tensions between India and China have increased manifolds after 20 Indian Army personnel were martyred during an ambush by the PLA.

During the violent skirmish, PLA soldiers also died but Communist China, which is notorious for suppressing and censoring information, did not release the number fearing backlash from the public. India deploys Akash missile defense system in Ladakh.

Both sides have amassed troops along the LAC with the Indian Air Force (IAF) deploying its frontline fighters and other assets along the border.

Earlier today, it was reported that air defence systems of both the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force were deployed along the border to thwart any Chinese misadventure.

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