PM Modi Slams Congress, BJD during his visit to Odisha’s Kalahandi


Kalahandi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today came down heavily on the Congress and Odisha’s ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) during a public meeting in Kalahandi district.

Addressing the Vijay Sankalp Samabesh at Krushna Nagar Ground in Bhawanipatna town here, Modi highlighted the “positive changes” brought by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government.

Modi claimed that his government has successfully installed sanitation facilities for the poor and facilitated banking schemes.

“Eight lakh people in Odisha got pucca houses in 5 yrs of BJP government at Centre while 24 lakh houses got free electricity connections, 40 lakh poor households got free gas connections, 1.4 lakh poor got bank accounts & 50 lakh toilets were made across the State,” Modi said.

“All these works have been done by your vote, not by Modi, I am just a sevak. Your vote has brought new progress in India,” Modi added.

“Congress failed Kalahandi during its regime from panchayats to Centre. Former PM Rajiv Gandhi had accepted his government’s failure. For 70 years the Congress looted Kalahandi and the country. In the name of poverty, Congress kept eating away a large chunk of money meant for poor,” the PM said.

Further, taking a jibe at the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik-led government, Modi said the development in Odisha could have been accelerated had there been a BJP government.

“Parties like Congress and BJD conspired to keep the poor of the country poor, they deceived the poor. They treated them as vote-banks, and because of this don’t know how many Dana Manjhis don’t even get ambulance service,” the prime minister said.

Modi urged voters in Odisha to “repeat history” which was created by Uttar Pradesh in 2017 and Tripura in 2018.

“I have worked for you despite no cooperation of state government. This watchman (Chowkidaar) has taken advantage of the Centre’s schemes to help Odiyas. I urge Odiyas to vote for BJP, repeat history created by Uttar Pradesh in 2017 and Tripura in 2018,” Modi said.

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