PM Modi felicitates workers involved in making of new Parliament House; Odisha’s Puranjan Dalai felicitated


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the new Parliament building, and after the ceremony, he also felicitated some workers who were involved in the construction of the new architectural marvel.

PM Modi, after inaugurating the new Parliament House along with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, felicitated the workers by presenting them with mementos and shawls.

Satya Ranjan Das from Sundarban in West Bengal, who used to arrange water and food for the workers at the construction site, was felicitated by the Prime Minister. He then felicitated Bhai Ram Murmu, who used to maintain cleanliness at work site, and Ejaz Ahmed the supervisor and stair master.

The Prime Minister also felicitated Puranjan Dalai from Chandipur in Odisha and Kishanlal from Barmer in Rajasthan who worked on the lobby’s design of the new Parliament building.

Other workers who were felicitated by the PM include, Devlal Sukhar from Vadodara and Anil Kumar Yadav from Bihar. Both put the sandstones on the outer wall of Parliament; Subrata Sutradhar from the northeast installed the bamboo flooring; Muzaffar Khan from Jharkhand who ensure all the machines kept working during the construction; Dharmendra from Delhi who did the gas welding; and Anand Vishwakarma from Varanasi who did the ceiling of both the chambers and installation in chairs in the new building.

The new Parliament building, with a seating capacity of 1,272, is not only more spacious than the existing complex but is also equipped with state-of-the-art measures and cutting-edge technology.

Some of the high-tech features in the new Parliament building include multimedia display units in front of each MP’s seat, biometrics for ease of voting, a digital language translation system and programmable microphone.

On Sunday morning, the Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla accompanied the Prime Minister during the inaugural ceremony that began with Puja. After Puja, the PM and LS speaker Birla entered the new Lok Sabha where PM Modi installed the historic ‘Sengol’ near Speaker’s chair. Later, the Prime Minister unveiled the plaque to mark the inauguration of the new Parliament building.

“As the new building of India’s Parliament is inaugurated, our hearts and minds are filled with pride, hope and promise. May this iconic building be a cradle of empowerment, igniting dreams and nurturing them into reality. May it propel our great nation to new heights of progress,” PM Modi wrote in a tweet.

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