PM Modi comes down heavily on Congress in Gujarat campaign


Surendranagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused the Congress of seeking to divide the people on caste and religious lines while addressing in poll-bound Gujarat.

He also criticised the Congress over the upcoming election of its party president and alleged that the opposition party has a history of rigging (organisational) elections.

If one doesn’t have democracy in his home (party), how the person can practice it in the country, the PM wondered.

He lashed out at the Congress over its criticism of the government’s ambitious bullet train project, saying if the opposition party has a problem with it; it could roam around on bullock carts.

Sharpening his attack on Congress leaders such as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former finance minister P Chidambaram, he told a rally in Bharuch district that by opposing the bullet train, the party stooped to such a level that it was opposing the country’s development.

Recently, Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram, during their visits to Gujarat, had said the bullet train project was among the NDA government’s “misplaced priorities”.

Resuming his campaign in his home state, where the first phase of Assembly elections is to be held on December 9, said, “Dr Manmohan Singhji, your government had made an announcement before 2012 (Gujarat Assembly) elections from Delhi about the bullet train, but your talks with Japan did not go down well as the loan Japan was offering we could not afford,” he said.

But, Modi said, his government negotiated the loan at a very low interest rate and the work on the bullet train has started.

The prime minister said, “My problem is, you can oppose the BJP but why stoop to such a low level that you are opposing development of the country.”

He said the real thing is they are in pain as they could not do it.

“The people of Gujarat know what the Congress is up to,” Modi said.

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