Petrol, Diesel Prices Rise After Two-Day Pause

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Bhubaneswar: After remaining constant for two days, petrol and diesel prices were hiked again across the country on Thursday.

Petrol prices increased by Rs 0.35 paise to Rs 104.79 per litre in the national capital while the price of diesel was raised by the same amount to Rs 93.52 per litre.

Today, the petrol price in Bhubaneswar has been recorded at Rs 105.35 per litre while the diesel price has been recorded at Rs 101.62 per litre.

In Mumbai, popularly known as the financial of India, petrol prices were raised by Rs 0.34 to Rs 110.75 per litre, and diesel by Rs 0.37 to Rs 101.4 per litre.

Oil companies started raising auto fuel prices last week. The pause on the prices on October 12 and 13 came after a seven-day consecutive rise.

The pause in rising petrol and diesel prices has brought much needed relief of consumers faced with unprecedented increase in auto fuel prices for the past one month that has taken retail rates to record high levels across the country.

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