Petrol, Diesel Prices Hiked Again, Fifth Increase In Six Days


New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices were hiked by 50 and 55 paise respectively in Delhi on Sunday. This is the fifth increase in six days.

In Delhi, price of petrol and diesel was at Rs 99.11 per litre & Rs 90.42 per litre respectively while the the petrol & diesel prices in Mumbai is at Rs 113.88 & Rs 98.13.

In Mumbai, the petrol & diesel prices per litre at Rs 113.88 & Rs 98.13 (increased by 53 paise & 58 paise respectively)

In Chennai, the price of petrol is Rs 104.90 & diesel is Rs 95.00 and in Kolkata, the price of petrol is Rs 108.53 and diesel is Rs 93.57.

Fuel rates were revised first on March 22 this year.

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