Petrol, diesel prices fall again today


New Delhi: Following today’s rate revision, petrol prices were cut 5-8 paise a litre while the price of diesel was reduced by 5-6 across major metro cities of the country.

In Delhi, petrol prices declined to Rs 73.19 a litre as against Rs 73.27 per litre on Friday while diesel is retailing at Rs 66.22 a litre, 6 paise less than yesterday’s price, as per data from Indian Oil Corporation website.

Citizens in Mumbai have to pay Rs 78.83 for a litre of petrol after a 5 paise fall over Friday’s rate. A litre of diesel costs Rs 69.42, 5 paise less than yesterday’s price of Rs 69.47 a litre. In Chennai, the retail price of petrol price was lowered by 6 paise to Rs 76.03 a litre, from Rs 76.09 recorded on Friday. Diesel costs Rs 69.06 a litre, 5 paise less than Friday’s price.

Petrol became 5 paise cheaper today in Kolkata and is selling at Rs 75.85 per litre while diesel rate is retailing at Rs 68.59 a litre, 5 paise less than yesterday’s price.

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