Petrol, Diesel Price Today Unchanged After 7 Days


New Delhi: The petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged on Wednesday across various cities in the country including the national capital Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.

After a gap of seven days, the fuel prices have not witnessed any change across the country on Wednesday. Before this, there was no change in rates between October 25 and 27.

The last surge in fuel rates was witnessed on November 2. It took the price of petrol in Delhi to its highest-ever level of Rs 110.04 a litre. No hike was seen in diesel rates, a litre of diesel in the national capital is being sold at Rs 98.42 a litre. Fuel prices have surpassed the Rs100-mark in Mumbai. The rates of petrol and diesel, on November 3, remained at Rs115.85 per litre and Rs106.62 per litre.

In Kolkata, a litre of petrol is retailed at Rs 110.49, and diesel costs Rs 101.56 per litre. As far as Chennai and Bengaluru are concerned, the petrol and diesel rates are Rs 106.66 and Rs 102.59 and Rs 113.93 and Rs 104.50, respectively. The fuel prices in Hyderabad are stagnant at Rs 114.49 per litre for petrol and Rs 107.40 per litre for diesel.

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