Petrol, Diesel Price Hike On Hold For 2nd Consecutive Day


New Delhi: Oil marketing companies on Sunday continued with their wait and watch strategy and kept the retail price of petrol and diesel unchanged for the second consecutive day.

While petrol rates in Mumbai remained unchanged at Rs 102.30 per litre, the price of diesel was Rs 94.39 per litre.

The price of petrol was increased by 27 paise and diesel rates were hiked by 23 paise in the national capital yesterday.

City Petrol (per litre) Diesel (per litre)
New Delhi Rs 96.12 Rs 86.98
Mumbai Rs 102.30 Rs 94.39
Kolkata Rs 96.06 Rs 89.83
Chennai Rs 97.43 Rs 91.64


Sri Ganganagar, a small city in the northernmost part of Rajasthan near the India-Pakistan border has become the first city in the country where retail prices of both auto fuels — petrol and diesel — have crossed the century mark.

The fuel prices in the country are altered depending on the crude oil prices in the international market, which in turn impacts the domestic market.

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