Perfect Couples! The Yellow-Crowned Woodpecker


The yellow-crowned woodpecker (Leiopicus mahrattensis) is a medium-sized woodpecker that can be seen across South Asia. It belongs to the Picidae family, the genus Leiopicus, and the order Piciformes.

This bird species is the only member of the genus Leiopicus. It is also commonly known as the Mahratta pied woodpecker and the Mahratta woodpecker.

It is a stunning, multi-coloured bird that possesses white and black central feathers featuring a stunning white-streaked design. It has spotty brown and white underparts. There is also a red-coloured patch on the belly of this bird. The male Mahratta woodpecker possesses a yellow fore-crown and a red nape whereas the female Mahratta woodpecker possesses a yellow nape and crown.

The Mahratta woodpecker prefers to inhabit dry arid areas with lots of foliage. This stunning bird can be spotted across China, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.

It is an omnivorous bird that feeds upon insects, fruits, and nectar. Keep reading to find out more fun facts about the typical yellow-crowned woodpecker habitat, breeding, appearance, and more!

Captured at Mominpet, Telangana.

K. Shiva Kumar. Wildlife Storyteller
These rare photographs have been clicked and contributed by K. Shiva Kumar, a professional Wildlife Storyteller (M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication, an alumnus of Central University Of Odisha, Koraput) from Hyderabad, Telangana.
K. Shiva, is passionate about wildlife conservation. Through his work, he hopes to inspire greater appreciation for the wildlife that shares our planet and encourages conservation action. 

Story Compiled By Yajati Keshari Rout

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