People for Animals, Dhyan foundations feed starving monkeys at Khandagiri-Udayagiri caves


Bhubaneswar: Amid the lockdown for containment of COVID-19, the survival of stray animals in and around Bhubaneswar and hundreds of monkeys in Khandagiri and Udayagiri caves has become a tough task with all food sources closed.

While the monkeys depend on the offerings by tourists at Khadagiri and Udayagiri caves, closure of the most-visited tourist spot has left the monkeys starving. Besides, stray animals like dogs and cattle are also left without food.

Taking a stand for the animals, the People For Animals foundation and Dhyan foundation distributed fruits to the monkeys in the twin caves and food to the stray animals who have been left to starve after the announcement of the lockdown due to COVID-19.

People for Animals Foundation Secretary Jiban Ballav Das said, “The Govt. of India has declared Veterinary care and feeding as Essential services. However, no government agency has till now made any provision for feeding of these stray animals.

He also complained that the Forest department has also not done any provision for survival of monkeys in Khandagiri-Udayagiri caves in this critical time. “If animals are not taken care properly like feeding, health care we have to face another challenge of mass death animals due to starvation,” Das opined.

“Now the role of every individual, Govt. and Non-govt. agencies, Corporate sectors are very much vital and they should come forward to provide food and health care to all animal those are starving due to COVID19 erupted from human action, Das concluded.

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