PCI urges media to do objective reporting on polls


New Delhi: The Press Council of India (PCI) on Tuesday asked the media to give objective reports about the election and cautioned it against the phenomenon of paid news.

The PCI also issued a set of guidelines in this regard. The press council said that newspapers are not expected to indulge in unhealthy election campaigns, exaggerated reports about any candidate or party during the elections.

The print media watchdog also cautioned the press to eschew reports which tend to promote feelings or enmity or hatred between people on the grounds of region, religion, race, caste, community or language.

“The press should refrain from publishing false or critical statements in regard to the personal character and conduct of any candidate or in relation to the candidature or withdrawal of any candidate or candidature, to prejudice the prospects of that candidate in the elections,” PCI said in a statement.

The PCI also cautioned against publishing unverified allegations against any candidate or party.

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