Passes mandatory for returnees: Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda


Bhubaneswar: Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda today said it is mandatory for returnees from other states to obtain passes from the respective states before journey. He said the returnees have to register at the state government’s COVID portal for such purpose.

Addressing the media at Geeta Govinda Sadan here on Monday, the Transport Commissioner said that the vehicles carrying returnees will be only allowed entry into the state through the 12 specified border check posts.

Panda said any vehicle not having passes/permission from the state of origin of the journey will be denied entry into the state at these border check points (BCPs).

The Transport Commissioner said a detailed examination will be done at the border check post on the data provided on the government portal. They will be issued with passes for onward movement. The passes will have complete route details and destination and the district mentioned. The returnees will be stamped with indelible ink, he said.

Panda said the returnees are advised to get their vehicles and themselves registered before the journey to avoid delay at the border check posts and get clearance.

The Collectors and SPs can map the arrival of the returnees and their destinations for the smooth quarantining of these persons.

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