Passenger Amenity Committee Inspects 10 Rly Stns Over Khurda Road Division


Bhubaneswar: The Passenger Amenity Committee (PAC) from the Railway Board comprising of seven members inspected various Railway stations over Khurda Road Division from 27th to 29th September 2021. The committee members were Dilip Mallick, Ajay Kumar Yadav, Abhijit Das, Ram Kumar Pahan, Abhilash Pandey, Bichitra Narayan Kalita, and Sunil Ram.

The PAC Committee inspected 10 Railway stations over the Khurda road division, namely Cuttack, Dhanmandal, Jajpur-Keonjhar Road, Bhadrak, Brahmapur, Chatrapur, Balugaon, Puri, Sakhigopal, and Khurda Road Railway stations. During the inspection, the focus areas were Basic Passenger amenities like, availability of drinking water facilities, waiting hall facilities, Platform shelter, foot over Bridge, sitting arrangements for passengers, working of Lifts/escalators, scanners, etc, which were checked. The cleanliness of the station areas and the food items available in catering stalls were also examined by the committee members.

After completion of inspection of all Railway stations over the Khurda Road Railway division, the Passenger Amenity Committee presided over a meeting with Rinkesh Roy, Divisional Railway Manager, Khurda Road, Kalyan Pattanaik, Additional Divisional Railway Manager (Infra), Ashok Kumar, Additional Divisional Railway Manager (Operation) and with other Branch officers in the conference hall of DRM building. They appraised the DRM, Khurda road, and his team of officers of the issues related to minimum basic facilities for passengers at Railway stations and the plan to further enhance and improve the services to the general public.

The Committee suggested some additional passenger amenities like extension of platform shelters, adequate number of Ceiling fans, mobile charging points, leveling of tiles on platforms, beautification of station premises, etc. Rinkesh Roy, Divisional Railway Manager, Khurda Road, assured that the division is taking every effort to provide best service to the passengers. The PAC members expressed overall satisfaction with the passenger facilities at different Railway stations and congratulated the divisional team for maintaining the stations of the Khurda road division in good health.

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