Participation of 25 Awardees in Handlooms glorifies 16th Toshali National Crafts Mela


Bhubaneswar: Odisha is the State of unique culture and art. Our State has earned name and fame for our ikat design in handlooms. ‘Ikat’ from Sambalpur, ‘Bomkei’ from Sonepur and  Boudh, ‘Khandua’ and ‘Maniabandha’ design from Athagarh, ‘Habaspuri’ from Kalahandi, ‘Natural Dye’ from Kotpad, ‘Tasar’ from Gopalpur, Fakripur and Mankidia have expressed the artistry and excellence of our weavers.

Participation of awardees is the special attraction of 16th Toshali National Crafts Mela. Padmashree awardee from Punjab has exhibited stunning ‘Phulkari’ design in this Mela. Among others, six Santha Kabir Awardees, 15 National Awardees and three State Awardees have participated in this Mela. Amongst Santha Kabir Awardees two from Odisha and four from J &K, Telengana and UP have participated and exhibited their unique products.

Handloom products showing ‘Ikat’ design from Odisha and woolen, silk, cotton saree, dress materials, stole and shawl of other States made awardees of other States have been attraction of the mela. Awardees’ participation and their excellence in various designs and handloom products have glorified the 16th Toshali National Crafts Mela 2022. Their handloom products have become subject of inspiration for others.

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