Park Min Young’s Agency Briefly Comments Regarding Her Dating Man Named ‘Kang’


Seoul: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim star Park Min-young is embroiled in dating rumours. The South Korean actress, who is currently filming for her new K-drama Love in Contract, is said to be dating a ‘wealthy man’ outside of the entertainment industry.

According to a report by Dispatch, Park Min-young is allegedly dating a man identified as Kang Jong-hyun. As translated by Koreaboo, the report doesn’t mention the duration of their relationship. However, the agency has been tracking Kang Jong-hyun for the past two months now.

The publication has claimed that Park Min-young’s boyfriend is a ‘reclusive, wealthy man.’ He apparently has business ties with several companies, including Vidente, Inbiogen, Bucket Studio, and Bithumb Live. Vidente and Bucket Studio are listed on KOSDAQ and Inbiogen is listed on KOSPI. It is claimed that he is also the chairman of one of the biggest digital trading platforms in South Korea called Bithumb.

The report added that Kang Jong-hyun resides in a luxury villa in Hannam-dong and Park Min-young is a frequent visitor. The publication has allegedly spotted the Forecasting Love and Weather star making her work from his residence.

Last month, Park Min-young was allegedly wrapped in clothes from head to toe, possibly keeping her identity under wraps, as she made her way out of her ballet class and into his car. If the publication is to be believed, they spotted Kang Jong-hyun’s mother and Park Min-young exiting his apartment together, hinting that they might be knowing each other and share a close bond.

While more details are emerging about their relationship, Park Min-young’s agency Hook Entertainment has reacted to the claims

In response to the reports about Park Min Young’s relationship, her agency released the following statement:

Hello. This is actress Park Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment. We are sharing the agency’s statement regarding the report about Park Min Young today. Park Min Young is currently filming for the drama “Love in Contract,” so it is taking a long time to confirm the facts. We ask for your understanding in not being able to relay an exact statement quickly.

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