Park Ji-eun to leave K-Pop girl group Purple Kiss


Seoul: RBW Entertainment, the agency behind PURPLE KISS, has announced that Park Ji-eun has parted ways with the group.

The group will now operate with six members.

“We’re sorry for the sudden news,” RBW wrote. “Park Ji-eun will depart from Purple Kiss.

“Park has been struggling with health and anxiety problems which recently led to visits to the hospital, and doctors recommended that she have sufficient rest and time for stability. The company has discussed thoroughly with Park about her group participation and plans for the future, and decided it would be best her days as a Purple Kiss member to come to an end.”

RBW apologized for the inconvenience and promised that it would do its best to support Park’s recovery and future activities as a singer.

Park also posted a handwritten letter to fans on the fan community, asking for their understanding.

Purple Kiss debuted in 2021 with the EP “Into Violet” and consists of members Ireh, Yuki, Chaein, Na Go-eun, Dosie and Swan.

Park debuted as part of PURPLE KISS in March 2021 with the mini-album ‘Into Violet’. Prior to her departure, the rookie girl group had released their fourth mini-album ‘Geekyland’, led by title track ‘Nerdy’.


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