Pakistani woman tweets for visa; Sushma Swaraj promises ‘she will get it’


New Delhi: In response to a Pakistani woman’s visa request on Twitter, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj assured her that she would be granted a visa, despite tensions between the two countries.

Sidra Rafique from Rawalpindi had first approached Swaraj in August informing her that she was about to get married to an Indian national and had already applied for a visa. She asked for her help and added that “she understands that visa procedure takes time”.

However, on Tuesday she again wrote to the Foreign Minister saying “My wedding date was shifted earlier as I did not get at 1st.My family has lost hope & things r getting complicated if visa doesn’t approve”.

Swaraj promptly replied that India never refuses visa for its daughters and daughters-in-law.

Last month, on Diwali, Swaraj announced that India will give medical visa to patients whose requests were pending with the government and responded positively to a number of such requests by Pakistani nationals.

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