Pakistan uses terror as a diplomatic tool :EAM S Jaishankar


New Delhi: The External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has hit out at Pakistan in Moscow saying  ‘Islamabad uses terror as a diplomatic tool’.

Jaishankar slammed Islamabad for obstructing trade and connectivity in the region.

His sharp reprimand to Pakistan came when he was asked to comment on India-Pakistan relationship at a think tank in Moscow.

Speaking at the think tank Valdai Discussion Club, Jaishankar said:”Problem with Pakistan is very different. I would say if today you look at international relations, I cannot think of any other country in the world, which actually uses terrorism as a diplomatic tool against its neighbour. It is a very unique phenomenon.”

The foreign minister said: “So if you have a neighbour who will not trade with you normally, who would not allow connectivity, using terrorism as a means of pressurizing you, it is not a normal neighbour”.

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