Pakistan political crisis in top court today


Islamabad: Imran Khan stunned Pakistan by calling for fresh polls on Sunday as the country saw rapid political developments amid a call for no trust vote against the 69-year-old cricketer-politician. The highly anticipated no confidence motion – submitted by the opposition on March 8 – was rejected in a surprise move by National Assembly deputy speaker Qasim Suri over Article 5 of the constitution, which calls for “loyalty to (the) state”.

The Imran Khan government has been dismissing the move against him – which came amid the country’s mounting economic crisis – as “foreign conspiracy”.

With the opposition calling the dismissal of the no trust motion “unconstitutional”, the Supreme Court is set to decide on Monday if Khan gets his wish for an election, or whether the no-confidence vote should proceed.

The petition filed by the opposition against Imran Khan is to be heard in the Supreme Court of Pakistan today. the Supreme Court of Pakistan has formed a special bench for investigation and the Supreme Court of Pakistan has also sent notice to all the parties.

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