Pakistan ISI funded Khalistanis attack British Indians


London:  A number of British Indians were brutally attacked by Khalistanis allegedly backed by the ISI of Pakistan here in London on Saturday, media reports said.

The attacks took place when they were standing outside the Indian High Commission in London.

According to reports, the overseas Pakistanis Welfare Council (OPWC) and Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) were blamed for the attack.

They had allegedly attacked on rival demonstrators from Friends of India Society, UK, who had gathered outside the Indian High Commission in London on Saturday.

The  incident occurred when UK-based Kashmiri and pro-Khalistan outfits started chanting anti-India slogans to counter protesters chanting pro-Modi slogans.

Media reports said US-based pro-Khalistan organisation SFJ receives funding and support from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The group has been carrying out anti-India campaign ‘Referendum 2020’ all over the world but so far it has failed to garner popular support from the Sikh diaspora.

There are allegations that Pakistan is covertly trying to revive the Khalistan movement as a part of its ploy to destabilize India.

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