Pakhala Dibasa Today!


Bhubaneswar: Today, Odias across the globe celebrate Pakhala Divas, by eating the traditional dish of Odisha, Pakhala.

The day is celebrated to promote Odhisha food, and people make the dish to welcome the spring season.

Pakhala, a Traditional Odia dish, is prepared by mixing rice with water, curd and keeping it overnight. After 7–8 hours the rice starts to get fermented. This fermented, cooked rice is known as pakhala. The baghara pakhala variant is usually topped with cumin seeds, fried onions and mint leaves. It is mostly served with roasted vegetables like potato, brinjal, badi, saga bhaja and fried fish.

Pakhala is mostly eaten during summer season as the healthy and tasty food not only beats the heat in summer but is great for the digestive system.

The traditional Odia dish took social media by storm.

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