Pachtaoge song: Vicky-Nora starrer heartbreaking music trends on YouTube


Mumbai: The music video starring Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi called Pachtaoge that was released yesterday has taken the internet by storm. Pachtaoge is sung by Arijit Singh and is composed and written by Jaani.

The video of the romantic track has gone viral and is currently trending on YouTube.

The song is about betrayal. The video of the song shows Nora, who is married to Vicky, having an extra-marital affair with actor Prabh Uppal.


Nora can be seen dancing in a romantic style and sharing sizzling chemistry with her paramour.

The video puts Kaushal and Fatehi opposite each other in a turbulent relationship in which Fatehi’s character conspires with the man she is seeing on the side to kill Kaushal’s character. Kaushal plays the forlorn abandoned lover convincingly and shows off his emotional range in the short span of time the video lasts.

The song is an eclectic mix of musical choices that all compliment each other. From the classical guitar and mandolin forming the foundation of the song to the flute complimenting Singh’s Punjabi lyrics, different elements come together to spin this tale of sad, and vindictive love.

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