Over 3L Migrants, Tourists & Students Reach Home In Shramik Special Trains In ECoR Jurisdiction


Bhubaneswar: Operation of Shramik Special Trains was started from 01st May, 2020 to bring back Migrant Workers, Tourists, Students, etc to their homes during Lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. Shramik Special trains were provided as and when demand was raised by the State Governments.

As per the directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court, bringing of Migrant labourers to their homes by Shramik Special Trains was to be completed by 24th June, 2020. In ECoR, this exercise is almost completed well within time, as currently there is very little demand for ECoR bound Shramik Special Trains in any State. ECoR has also fulfilled all the demands from the States of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh for outward Shramik Special Trains.

East Coast Railway has handled more than 636 Shramik Special Trains from its jurisdiction from the 1st Week of May, 2020. Out of the above number of Shramik Special Trains, ECoR has received about 250 Shramik Special Trains in its jurisdiction. 14 Shramik Special Trains were sent from ECoR jurisdiction towards different places including one from Sambalpur, two from Bhubaneswar, and rest from Visakhapatnam. These inward trains to Odisha have been received from Gujarat, Maharastra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Delhi, and Andhra Pradesh. More than 372 Shramik Special Trains also passed safely through ECoR jurisdictions which were provided meals, water, and other services at different Stations in ECoR.

Ministry of Railways has assured all the State Governments that Shramik Special trains shall be provided as and when demand is placed by them.

More than 12 Lakh free meals and drinking water bottles served in the Shramik Special Trains by ECoR with the help of IRCTC. Also, there were many memorable happy events on-board these Shramik Specials when babies were delivered safely with the active involvement of Railway Doctors and Staff.

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