OPSC Recruitment Calendar 2022-23 Holds Ambiguity Over Exam Schedules


Bhubaneswar: Though the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) has come up with the annual recruitment calendar for the year 2022-23, the two most awaited exams’ schedules have created confusion and the aspirants expressed their ambiguity over the calendar which contains the tentative schedule for various examinations and publication of results.

The examination calendar contains columns showing the date of advertisement, method of selection and scheduled publication of the result.

OPSC Chairman, IPS Satyajit Mohanty also informed the same via his personal Twitter handle on Monday evening.

Till this, everything was fine but when an aspirant, taking to the social media handle, asked the OPSC chairman regarding the confusion in the scheduled publication of the result, the ambiguity over the examination process took a different turn.

The student had asked that he has confused regarding the date of commencement of the Assistant Section Officers’ exam (ASO).

“I have a small confusion regarding the date of commencement of ASO…Is the result of ASO going to be published in November 2022? Or the ASO exam will be conducted on November 2022,” the Twitter Handle named Bhagat Singh read.

Answering the aspirant’s query, the OPSC chairman commented, “The exam is likely to be conducted in November. Dates, Schedules etc. should be notified by September-October.”

It is worth mentioning that OPSC has clearly mentioned in its exam calendar that the ASO and examinations’ results will be published as per the schedule but IPS Mohanty’s tweet reply defines something else.

While the exam calendar says regarding the result declaring months, OPSC Chairman’s tweet pretends them as the months of exam commencement.

Meanwhile, ambiguity over the OPSC notification is still with the aspirants and the exam conducting body is yet to clarify the doubts properly.

Now the question arises that if OPSC has decided to publish results of the concerned examinations in the mentioned months, why the chairman has declared that the scheduled months are for the commencement of the examination.

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