Oppn Insulted Hard Work Of 60,000 Labourers By Boycotting Inauguration Of New Parliament Building: PM Modi  


Ajmer: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked the Opposition for boycotting the inauguration of new Parliament building, saying the Congress “insulted” the sentiments of the country and the hard work of 60,000 labourers.

India got a new Parliament building three days back. I ask you whether you are proud of it or not. Did you feel the joy on the increase in India’s prestige? The Congress and some parties like it hurled muck of politics on this too,” he said at a rally in Ajmer.

The Congress and 20 other parties boycotted the inauguration of the new Parliament building by the prime minister on Sunday, saying the government had insulted President Droupadi Murmu, a tribal woman, by not inviting her to do the honours.

Modi said such opportunities come once in generations, but the Congress used this for its “selfish protest”.

“They insulted the hard work of 60,000 labourers and the sentiment of the country,” he said, adding the Congress is unable to digest the progress the country is making.

Referring to main Opposition party Congress, Modi said they are angry because a “son of the poor” is not allowing them to do what they want and is “raising questions on their corruption and parivarwad (dynastic politics)”.

The prime minister accused the Congress of following a policy of misleading the poor and keeping them deprived during its rule. “Fifty years ago, the Congress guaranteed that it will remove poverty. But it turned out to be their biggest betrayal to the poor.” “It has been a policy of the Congress to mislead the poor and keep them deprived. The people of Rajasthan have also suffered a lot due to this,” Modi said.

The rally was organised to mark the completion of nine years of the Modi government across its two terms.

The nine years of the BJP government were dedicated to the service of people, good governance, and welfare of poor, he said.

Modi said that before 2014, people were on the streets against corruption and terror attacks rocked major cities while the Congress ran the government by remote control.

During its rule, the Congress developed a corrupt system that “sucked the blood of the country” and hindered development, he said.

Now, the prime minister said, people across the world are talking about India and experts are saying India is very close to ending extreme poverty.

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