Operation White Spider: 18 Drug Dealers Held In Dec 2022


Bhubaneswar: At least 12 cases have been registered while 18 persons were arrested during the special anti-drug enforcement drive as part of the ‘operation white spider’ in the month of December in the State capital Bhubaneswar.

Police have also seized 204 grams and 270 milligrams of brown sugar were seized from the illegal possession of the smugglers. Besides, Rs 16,180 cash, 15 mobile phones and one three-wheeler were also seized from them.

In December, four cases of illegal smuggling of ganja have been registered and 75 kg and 450 grams of ganja and Rs 9,350 in cash were seized.

Similarly, a total of 94 cases were registered and 172 persons involved in the illegal trade were arrested in January 2022. Over 2.55 kg of brown sugar was seized from the possession of the peddlers. Rs 7.93 Lakh in cash, 82 mobile phones, over 300.10 gram of gold ornaments, 450 grams of silver ornaments, one laptop and one revolver were seized.

Last year, the Bhubaneswar Urban police registered 45 cases, 91 persons were arrested and forwarded to court. Over12 quintals of ganja were seized and Rs 41,460, 31 mobile phones, 20 vehicles, one pistol and 5 live ammunition were seized.

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