Open letter to PM Modi from an Indian, a human


Dear Prime Minister,

I write this letter with hope and fear. You have been elected with a majority that is unheard of in an era of coalition politics. Your cult following and your promise of a better future is an envy to any world leader. Most of us have taken everything you said at face value, as to the intent and integrity. Corruption has come down and accountability is higher than before.

impact of demonetisationHowever, the poll that you conducted on the ‘demonetisation’ issue and also claiming victory unnerved me. Do you think you actually needed to do that? Is that the evidence you have to support your policies? Does it behove the leader of the world’s largest democracy to fall back into such gimmickry as popular support? When the world looks at this poll and its methodology, you and we will be a laughing stock. I would be seriously worried if you actually believe in what you are saying based on these results.

Sir, the demonetisation decision is one of the bravest decisions I have seen in the last 3 decades. It takes some guts to hurt your own. But brave need not be the best and intent need not mean efficient. At this point, you are surrounded by a sycophantic bureaucracy and leadership that may not tell you the truth. Those who advised you on this poll are seeking your downfall. They aren’t your friends.

The total jobs created in 2015 were 1.35 lacs against 12.56 lacs in 2009 and 4.93 lacs in 2014. In fact, in the 4th quarter of 2015, we lost 20,000 jobs. The demonetisation will further the job losses. This isn’t an ‘inconvenience’, but a lethal blow to families. Speak to any economist or industry head and he will tell you. It is time to take corrective measures. It is time to boost the economy, revive businesses and invest in job creation.

Modi demonetisationSir, there is no bravado in winning a battle to lose the war. I as an Indian want you to succeed. A surgical strike is easy, a prolonged war is difficult. This is a war India cannot lose. What you do in the next three months will determine your re-election in 2019. And your app would play no role in those elections. But your actions would. Your humility would. Your ability to listen to alternate voices would. Your conviction to talk to critics, economists and act on them would.

I hope that those who surround you let this letter reach you. Would you want to be our prime minister in 2019 too? Rather, do you have it in you to be re-elected our prime minister in 2019?

Warm regards

An Indian. A human.

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