Onset of winter: Migratory birds start arriving in Chilika


Bhubaneswar: Along with winter, migratory birds have started arriving in Chilika Lake, the Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon. After a long flight of thousands of miles, not often punctuated by breaks, thousands of avian guests have made their way to the lake.

This year arrival of migratory birds was slightly delayed due to climatic conditions. Usually, they start arriving at the Chilika during the second fortnight of October.

The migratory birds perch in those areas of the lake where the water level is comparatively low and mud patches show up. Birds like waders are mostly seen on these mud patches, while ducks are sighted in shallow water.

The other bird varieties that flock the lake in large numbers include pintails, gadwals, shovellers, rudy shelducks and pratincoles.

Avian guests from north, central and east Siberia, China, Mongolia, west Asian countries, and the Himalayan region of India reach the Chilika Lake every year during winter months.

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