Onset Of Winter: Migratory Birds Start Arriving In Chilika


Bhubaneswar: Along with winter, migratory birds have started arriving in Chilika Lake, Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon. After a long flight of thousands of miles, not often punctuated by breaks, thousands of avian guests have made their way to the lake.

This year arrival of migratory birds was slightly delayed due to climatic conditions. Usually, they start arriving at the Chilika during the second fortnight of October.

Despite adverse climatic conditions caused by multiple cyclones, a variety of feathered creatures, mainly Northern Shovelers, Gadwalls & Northern Pintails reportedly came this year to Chilika in large numbers. Latecomers like Flamingos have already been witnessed in Nuapada, Gurubai, Anlakuda and Satapada areas of Chilika, though in small numbers.

Moreover, varieties of colourful birds in the lake have become a centre of attraction for the tourists.

Meanwhile, the Forest Department has set up 20 camps in five forest ranges around Chilika to check poaching of birds in the area. The camps are now operating in Balugaon, Tangi, Rambha, Satapada and Chilika forest ranges. A mobile squad has also been formed for the purpose.

Besides, awareness programmes about the safety of birds are being organised in villages along Chilika.

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