One more train derails in Odisha’s Bargarh


Bargarh: At a time when the restoration work following the Balasore train tragedy is underway, another train derailed in Odisha on Monday. The incident was reported from Bargarh district. However, it was not connected to the Indian Railway network

“This is completely a narrow gauge siding of a private cement company. All the infrastructure including rolling stock, like; engine, wagons, train track (narrow gauge) are being maintained by the company, only. There is no role of Railways in this matter.

There is a private narrow gauge rail line between DUNGRI LIMESTONE MINES AND CEMENT PLANT of ACC BARGARH. The line, wagons, loco all are private. It is in no way connected with Indian Railway system. A derailment has happened in early morning today on that railway line. It Is Not At All Connected With Indian Railway System, read a statement from the Indian Railways

“ACC Ltd, part of the Adani Group, operates a dedicated railway line in Bargarh for the eco-friendly transportation of limestone in Bargarh, Odisha.

Earlier today, on 5th June 2023, at approximately 6:30 am, one of the wagons carrying limestone from Dunguri mines to the Bargarh cement plant derailed.

There were no injuries, and our company & operations remain unaffected. Our dedicated maintenance team is working tirelessly to restore the rail line as quickly as possible.

It’s important to note that this captive rail line is solely for industrial use and is not connected to any routes of the Indian Railways. As a result, there are no disruptions to any Indian Railways routes,” the company said in a statement.

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