On World Hepatitis Day, Know What Dr. Shushant Kumar Sethi Has To Say

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Bhubaneswar: While World Hepatitis Day is being observed today, Dr. Shushant Kumar Sethi said that at least one person succumbs to hepatitis related illness in every 30 seconds.

Hepatitis B and C are the most common which result in 1.1 million deaths and 3 million new infections per year, he added.

Though there is no record about exact number of patients suffering hepatitis B and Hepatitis C disease in the state, but the doctor claimed there has been significant rise in the number of patients in the tribal areas of the state.

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) is celebrated every year on July 28 in order to spread awareness about viral hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver that can cause severe liver disease and hepatocellular cancer. This day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of knowing one’s hepatitis status and to spread the word about its treatment.

Hepatitis is a group of infectious diseases known by its various variants, like A, B, C, D, and E. Hepatitis is commonly caused by a viral infection, but there are several risk factors, such as excessive consumption of alcohol, toxins, some medications and certain medical conditions.

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