On This Earth Day, Explore The Places Through The Lens Of Travel Communities


With Earth Day, commemorated on April 22 every year, just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the travel community.

From seas and unexplored cities to mountains and forests, explorer communities on YouTube have discovered new and unique destinations and experiences.

  • Radhika Nomllers left her job to travel the world, and now, through her content, she is inspiring young women to step out and explore the world.
  • Tanya Khanijow, a travel vlogger and filmmaker, shares stories of epic adventures from her solo excursions to motivate people to travel vicariously.
  • Vishnu Azheekal, from the coastal district of Kollam, Kerala, explores the nuances of sea fishing and the life of fishermen, going along with them as he tries out various techniques. His channel, Kadal Machan, literally translates to ‘The Sea Buddy’ in Malayalam.
  • Sailor Maruthi, a seafarer from Tamil Nadu, takes viewers across the mighty oceans, unravelling unique sights across continents. Viewers get a glimpse of what life at sea entails and how to thrive when all that surrounds us is the great big sea.
  • Larissa Dsa, an avid traveller, artist and vlogger, documented her travel to Varanasi, exploring India’s oldest city through a boat ride on The Ganges, witnessing the iconic aarti by the ghats, appreciating the local food and street shopping.

Travelling Mondays, a travel filmmaker and nature lover, shares virtual tours as he traverses the length and breadth of the country, giving viewers a unique perspective of popular and offbeat destinations through his lens.

A passionate Telugu traveller who dreams of visiting every country of the world, Uma Prasad is already 23 countries down! His fascinating travel vlogs take us through myriad landscapes, introducing viewers to diverse cultures, traditional practices, and food.

With just 9 countries left to complete his dream of visiting all 195 countries of the world, the name Ravi Prabhu could probably become synonymous with “globetrotter”. On his Ravi Telugu Traveller channel, we see his immersive travel insights and adventures as he discovers the world, one country at a time!

Maheen S from Trivandrum is a hitchhiker and gipsy soul. He lives for the thrill of spontaneous trips and considers no place a permanent home. On Shorts, the creator shows what it is like to be a zealous wanderer.

Bhavani Dharan aka Tamil Trekker, a solo traveller and backpacker, travels across exotic jungles & forests on a shoestring budget, helping novice travellers discover sights, historic locations and smart travel tips as he goes along!

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