On Jungkook’s Birthday, Kim Taehyung Gifts ARMYs ‘Taekook Boxing Video’


Seoul: BTS’ Kim Taehyung finally shared the much-demanded boxing video with Golden Maknae Jungkook on his birthday! The youngest member of the globally popular band is celebrating his 25th birthday today, September 1. Besides BTS’ fanbase, the team members are also leaving unique and hilarious posts for the talented artist. And Taehyung aka V just made our days by sharing his boxing video with Jungkook.

Sharing the video, he penned a note for Jungkook that read, “@Happyjkday.” It seems Taehyung used ‘@’ instead of ‘#’. The hashtags used by him in Korean translate to, “@jungkook let’s spar one day,” and “@ jungkook let’s spend a healthy and happy year.”



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