OMFED directs milk producer unions to decrease collection


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation (OMFED) has directed all milk producer unions to decrease milk collection to 4 lakh litres per day for the month of May.

As per available reports, the decision was taken following a drop in milk sales after enforcement of lockdown in Odisha in the wake of rising Covid-19 cases.

Lockdown-like restrictions across Odisha due to the second wave of Covid-19 has impacted demand for milk and milk products hitting sales.

With supply exceeding demand, dairies that were still recovering from the first Covid wave have been hit badly by the second wave.

It is being pointed out that daily sales of some dairies have been hit to the tune of 40-60% since offices, restaurants and small tea shacks have shut down due to the lockdown.

Ice-cream makers, beverage makers are also not buying in large quantities, reports said.

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