OMC Receives Prestigious Asian Leadership Award

Bhubaneswar: For its committed and sustained efforts to ensure safety & employees’ welfare at the workplace, the Odisha Mining Corporation Limited (OMC) received the prestigious 19th Asian Leadership Award.

Taking to Twitter, the OMC said, “Happy to share that OMC has been conferred with ‘Best in Managing Health at Work’ Award at the prestigious 19th Asian Leadership Awards. We have adopted a holistic approach to promote a safer and healthier work environment & support Work-Life Balance.”

“OMC received the prestigious award for ensuring & improving occupational health & safety of employees through #COVID care homes, preventive healthcare initiatives, special health camps, provision of media claims, occupational health surveillance and welfare initiatives,” it said.

OMC, one of the fastest-growing mining companies in India, has been committed to provide a safe workplace to all employees and vendors and continuously works to abide by the vision of ‘Zero fatality’ and zero Lost time Injury.

As part of the initiatives to achieve higher safety standards at mines, OMC conducts Tripartite meetings on Safety on a bi-annual basis.

This is a unique platform where different stakeholders including workmen inspectors, Safety Committee members, Area Safety Officers, labour contractors, trade/labour union representatives and community representatives come together to deliberate about safety issues.

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