Offbeat places in Sikkim that you must visit


India is a country that is rightly called the “Land of Diversity.” One cannot only find the diversity in its religion or culture, but it also has diverse landscapes. Right from the far stretched Thar Desert in the North-western part of India to the labyrinth of backwaters in South-western part. One can see entirely different places in India because it has been blessed by Mother Nature in abundance. One such state is Sikkim which has its unmatched glory. Earlier Sikkim, along with sister states, were not much hyped when it came to having a perfect travel destination, but these days, Sikkim is living its best and many from all over the country is seeking for a calm and soothing vacation here. Sikkim tour packages are available for people looking for an ideal travel holiday.

Though the state is enjoying lots of tourists, there are still some places that are less explored and are probably hidden from the sight of many. These offbeat places can be your ideal spot and it may redefine natural beauty in your dictionary. So, if you are planning your next vacation to Sikkim, make sure to at least visit a couple of these offbeat places that are listed below:


The first place in the list is Ravangla which is located in the middle of Gangtok and Pelling. Set at the height of 7000 feet from the sea level, Ravangla can be your visual treat. The sunrise and sunset experienced here will beat all other places. The place is also one of the best places for trekking. As it is less explored, there stay a lot of hidden trails, but the starting point is Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary.  One can have amazing views of Kanchenjunga and many Himalayan birds that can only be found here. In every manner, Ravangla is a place that is going to be your travel delight.


Sikkim is still a state that is untouched by humans and that is reflected in its nature, landscapes, and many other things. This is one of the reasons that Sikkim is filled with villages. These villages often get ignored by tourists for not being a perfect tourist spot, but villages in Sikkim is a paradise of nature’s lovers. One such village is Kaluk. The village is calm and soothing with picture-perfect hills as the backdrop. Though the view to Kanchenjunga is common in the entire state, the view from Kaluk is something you wouldn’t have imagined.


Dzongu is the place where live the original inhabitants of Sikkim, Lepchas. The place is nestled with mountains in the west and Chu and Teesta River in the East. The number of residents is very less and one can only visit the place by taking the Sikkim Tourism office’s permission. The place has dense forests, waterfalls, fields, and every single thing you can find in the book of Nature.

Apart from these three places, there are more offbeat and unexplored places in Sikkim. They are untouched from human’s activity and this is one of the reasons that they enjoy the Nature’s pure beauty.

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