Odissi dancer Pallavi Das creates music fusion video with 18th century lyrics


Bhubaneswar: Odissi dancer Pallavi Das of the Guru Pankaj Udra Sanskruti Academy has created another music video to revive Odia traditional song of 18th century poet Kabisurjya Baladeba Rath, in the current scenario of Odia music where the generation is madly fond of pop music and pop culture.

Keeping in mind to attract youths, Pallavi takes a swift step to revive our age old music in a video recreating first song Ka Champu by fusing with age old traditional lyrics and tune of modern era.

Earlier, Pallavi being an ardent follower of Game of Thrones series dedicated a new dance video to the series. The dance video became viral on social media ever since the dancer posted it.

Pallavi, granddaughter of the legendary Adi guru Pankaj Charan Das was seen in the ‘Aahe Nila Saila’ video that reinvented the famous Salabega hymn. In her new video, Pallavi and her disciples are seen dancing to the theme tune of the Game of Thrones series in the premise of Mukteswar Temple in the city.


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