Odisha youth’s bond with snakes hard to believe, yet true!


Sundergarh: It is believed that maintaining a caring relationship with your pet is necessary to build trust with them. Especially, when it comes to common domesticated animals like cats or dogs people love to spend time with them and even treat them as a member of the family. Well, it will be hard to believe that one can share a similar bond with his pet that is venomous in nature.

A youth from Badagaon area of Odisha’s Sundergarh district has developed a unique relationship with venomous snakes that had left everyone stunned. He treats the reptile as human beings, treats their injuries and even provides them shelter in his bedroom.

Animesh Sadangi, a native of Badagaon village here, had the interest to catch snake since his childhood. Later, he came in contact with one Mahendra Nayak, his mentor who too had a similar interest and used to catch poisonous reptiles. Under Mahendra’s guidance, Animesh started catching snakes and which later became his passion.

Animesh Sadangi

With the passage of time, Animesh had developed a bond with the venomous reptiles and rescuing snake has become a part of his life. At present, Animesh is serving as a Security Officer at Badagaon forest range in the district.

The best part of Animesh is that he has no selfish motive behind his unique habit. Rather, he urges the people not to kill the snakes and contact him for their rescue. Even though he was bitten by a venomous cobra while rescuing it from a house, the injury did not deviate him from his passion and love for snakes.

Sometimes when Animesh rescues an injured snake, he takes the reptile home; treats with untill the snake recovers and release it into the wild.

At present Animesh has become a well-known face in the locality for his unique talent of rescuing snakes.

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