Odisha Presents “The Green Budget”


Bhubaneswar: In the Odisha Assembly today, Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari presented the Odisha Budget 2020-21 in the paperless form, which has been coined as “The Green Budget”.

Instead of a Suitcase and hundreds of papers used, the Budget was released in a Pen Drive, which is a true transformation using technology under 5-T. The paperless budget presentation saved 75 lakh pages of paper and 1000 large trees, which would have been consumed in a paper-printed budget.

Odisha is now the second state in the country to do so. Instead of Paper printed Speech, the State Finance Minister read the speech out of an I-Pad which shows the transformation through technology in 5-T.

Odisha Budget on Mobile App for all citizens. This is 5-T in action providing technology-enabled citizen services. All MLAs being given I-Pads in Legislative Assembly to ensure Paper-less Budget

Odisha is the first state to do Climate Code Budgeting (account of tracking public expenditure on climate change). Odisha is now the first state to do this and will be a role model for India.

The focus of this budget is on the theme of Nua Odisha, Sashakt Odisha (New Odisha, Empowered Odisha). This Budget will lay the foundation for the New Odisha and also strengthen for Empowered Odisha, through the 5-T mantra of Transformation and Mo Sarkar.

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