Odisha: Live YouTube Classes For School Students From Today


Bhubaneswar: Digital classrooms with YouTube live-streaming lessons for all classes commenced in Odisha from today.

The School and Mass Education department, on June 17, had decided to conduct live streaming of online classes from 1 to 10 on YouTube. But with barely a day for the programme to commence, many teachers are yet to receive details from authorities concerned.

(Link: http://osepa.odisha.gov.in/)

Sources said, from June 17 to 19, teachers have been engaged in door-to-door survey of school children to ascertain the number of drop-outs and ensure 100 per cent participation in the online classes. Their report were submitted by the cluster resource center coordinator (CRCC) to the block education officer (BEO) on June 20.

The key features of the programme include:

1.    The classes will be conducted as per a common routine/time table and scheme of lessons prepared by the Directorate of Secondary Education Odisha. Teaching for students of class IX & X will be streamed at the same time from two different class rooms of one district or different districts. In a particular period of the daily time table, one teacher will teach a lesson of a subject for all students of class X in the state and at the same time another teacher will be teaching a lesson for all students of class IX.

2. The classes will be streamed from Monday to Friday from 10.45 am to 1 pm with 4 periods of 30 minutes duration each. There will be no class on Saturday so as to enable teachers for preparation of lessons and other related works.

3. While the lessons of class X will be delivered from the Text Book as per revised syllabus of last academic session the lessons of class IX will be based on UTKARSH Books .

4. For class X the subject wise distribution of the 20 periods in a week will be : Odia-3, English-3, MTA-2, MTG-2, SCP-2, SCL-2, Geography+ Histroty-03, TLS+TLH=3.

5. Similarly, for class IX the subject wise distribution of the 20 periods in a week will be Odia-4, English-4, MTA-3, MTG-3, SCP-3, SCL-3.

6. The district wise allocation of subject & chapter shall be prepared by DSE and intimated to the districts.

7. DEOs are to prepare basic YouTube Live Streaming studios by improvising classrooms and arranging minimum equipments for YouTube Live Streaming classes. OSEPA will communicate the YouTube Live Streaming credentials to the district.

8. The guidelines for implementation of the programme are as follows:

(a) In the district to which subject(s) is/are allotted, the DEO will form a Team of RPs for the subject(s) with a Senior Subject Expert as its head.
The team will do the following works (i) Guide the teacher selected to take a live class (ii) preview of contents before live class (ii) review of lessons delivered and give suggestions for improvement and similar supportive works for smooth running of live classes

(b) The ADEO, Academic or any other authorized Senior Education Officer will remain in charge of YouTube Live Streaming in the district. ADEO in charge of schemes / DPC will be responsible for the technical support for the programme.

(c) The services of E-Content Resource Persons communicated by OSEPA, existing Tele Teachers of the Districts, any other RPs/ Teachers as found suitable / competent by DEO will be used for live classes. For the first month, i.e June 2021, DSE will allot classes to selected teachers and from July the DEOs will Slot classes to teachers at their level.

(d) Well before the date of live class the teacher allotted with a live class will share the lesson plan with contents of portion of lesson to be delivered, and other audio visual aids to be used such as videos/ animations/ graphics/ PPT, images/slides with the selected previewers of the subject RP group and on the basis of suggestions will make corrections of errors if any or make modifications as required.

( e) Teacher entrusted to take live class must be careful enough not to commit any error in explanation, meaning, information shared with the students during the class

(f) Each YouTube Live class will be reviewed by some members of the Subject Team at district level and some RPs to be identified by DSE ,their views will be recorded and on the basis of the feedback from the reviewers from District and state necessary follow-up action will be taken by DEOs such as advising the teacher to carry out the suggestions for improvement of lesson delivery or replacing the teacher wherever required.One Technical support staff / Programmer may be assigned to run the equipments for YouTube Live Streaming .

(g) The suggested format for a class is as follows: i) self introduction and introduction to the lesson by the teachers. ii) Clarification of the doubts/reply to content related questioned received in the YouTube Live chat messages in the previous virtual class.

ii) Delivery of the lesson: Teaching/ Explanation of the content with support of TLM, videos/ animated videos/ graphics/ PPT etc. This will include revision of link lessons/concepts of previous class . iii) recapitulationof that is taught. iv) dissemination of important information relating to Telecast of Video lessons, Radio Pathshala, availability of contents in Diksha App, Madhu App. f) Concerned subject teachers of each school will watch the live class and they will clear doubts of the students on the lesson delivered ,through chat or voice call. g) Each school will record daily data of students watching the You Tube live classes with the help of the subject teacher.

(h) Practice & Assessment : The Teachers at school will develop Subject Wise/ Class Wise worksheets/assessment sheets on each chapter and it will be sent to children’s home through WhatsApp. Teachers will evaluate and record their scores using individual files for each child which will be monitored by the BEO/ DEOs/ State level Officials.  (i) Schools may arrange additional online classes beyond the time table fixed by the state for doubt clearing & delivering of additional contents . All DEOs are therefore requested to make necessary arrangement for the You Tube Live Class Programme and ensure smooth and successful implementation of the same. The class wise routine and scheme of lessons are enclosed


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