Odisha Jail Superintendents Asked To Enrich Prison Library For Imparting Education To Prisoners


Cuttack: The Directorate Of Prisons and Correctional Services on Wednesday shot a letter to all the Senior Superintendent and Superintendent of all Jails of Odisha to lay emphasis on imparting education to prisoners.

The Jail superintendent have been asked to go through certain rules of the Model Jail Manual for imparting and take utmost interest towards reforms of prisoners by way of education (social, moral, cultural, spiritual, and meditational).

The Jail officials have been advised to enrich the prison library with the help of P.W.O. and give the best output in the field of reforms. The educational programmes shall consist of physical and health education, academic education, vocational education with the help of educated prisoners, regularly employed teachers and NGOs.

The Jail Superintendents have been further advised to coordinate with the Education Department, Open University end NGOs for donation of books, and educational material, etc.

“As per Rule 1122, all jails should establish liaison with the Department of Education or National Institute of Open Schooling or Open University and other approved educational institutions for obtaining educational material and other help.

As per Rule 1126, it shall be one of the primary responsibilities of the prison Superintendent and Prison Welfare Officer that the programme of education is implemented in its proper spirit and the success or failure of the programme, and the extent of the educational activities in each institution, shall be one of the principal factors on which the performance of these officers shall be evaluated,” the letter read.

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