Odisha issues guidelines for home isolation of COVID-19 patients


Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government on Monday allowed home isolation of asymptomatic, mildly symptomatic COVID-19 patients in urban areas including Urban Local Bodies Area, District, Sub-division and Block Headquarter Towns.

The Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Odisha, has issued a set of guidelines in this regard.

Here are the guidelines for home isolation of COVID-19 positive cases:

  • All COVID-19 positive cases, who are asymptomatic/ have mild symptoms and have no co-morbidities, in Urban areas including Urban Local Bodies Area, District, Sub-division and Block Headquarter Towns shall be allowed home isolation, subject to an assessment of the availability of individual room & toilet in the home of the person and following all protocols for home isolation laid out by Department of H&FW, Govt. of Odisha. The Ward Nodal Officer/ GP Nodal Officer shall be responsible for the assessment.
  • Such person who is allowed home isolation shall undertake to abide by all guidelines of the H&FW Dept as issued from time to time and shall mandatorily report about his condition to the appropriate authorities on a daily basis.
  • For such person, the household shall nominate a Care Giver who shall agree to undertake an online/ web-based training module on COVID-19 management protocols, Safety of the self, household, and the patient besides Dos and Don’ts.
  • H&FW Department shall develop a simple training module for the COVID +ve person and Caregivers in both Odia and English. Further, the Department shall develop a brochure/ leaflet on the subject which will be given to the Person and his/ her caregiver to follow.
  • District Authorities shall affix a poster in front of his/ her house stating that the house is under Home Isolation.
  • In case the person develops any symptom requiring medical support/guidance, he/ she shall not directly go to any Hospital – Public or Private but shall contact 104 Helpline and follow their advice.
  • State Government’s Outbound Call Centre shall monitor all such cases from time to time. In case the person doesn’t respond to such calls or his/ her mobile is found to be switched off, Local Administration shall be alerted by the Call Centre and the Local Administration shall physically check such person.
  • In case of violations of guidelines or instructions of authorities, the permission for home isolation shall be withdrawn and the person shall be then sent to a Government-run facility.
  • The COVID-19 isolation facilities, namely COVID Care Centres (CCC), COVID Health Centres (CHC) created by State Government will be primarily used for housing those COVID-19 suspect/ positive cases who do not have required infrastructure for home isolation

General Guidelines for Isolation of COVID-19 positive cases by Institutions (Including PSUs/Carporates/Organizations/ NGOs etc) in their COVID Care Centres/ COVID Care Homes (CCHs)

  • The following will be the categorization of Covid Care Home (CCH) and COVID Care Center (CCC): ‘
    • COVID Care Home (CCH): This is a facility with less than 20 beds and can be established by any organization/ institution. The CCH is an extension of the home isolation facility for a group of people.
    • COVID Care Center (CCC): This is a facility with more than 20 beds and associated infrastructure and health care manpower and also oxygen support system. The PSUs/Corporates/big organizations and Institutions can establish CCC.
  •  Every Institution which creates its own isolation facilities – CCCs/CCHs, shall nominate a dedicated Officer (to be called Facility NodalOfficer) who shall maintain close and regular contact with CDMO of the district and a Nodal officer to be specifically notified for the purpose by the District Collector/ Municipal Commissioner.
  • The District Collector/ CDMO shall arrange to inspect the facility and guide for creation/ development of the isolation Facility. Further, the Facility Nodal Officers and other Care Givers, as identified by the institutions, shall be trained in COVID facility management and Safety protocols.
  • H&FW Department shall develop a specialized module for training of such personnel who would be involved in management of Isolation Facilities.
  • Such Facilities shall be regularly inspected by Local Administration and Health officials for ensuring that the Centres don’t face any problem.
  • Each such facility must have a dedicated ambulance on roll or on call for immediate shifting of any person requiring higher medical attention from a COVID Hospital.
  • State Government’s Outbound Call Centre shall monitor all the cases from time to time.
  • COVID Observers of the district shall monitor and review such Institutional Facilities during their visits to the districts.
  • H&FW Department shall bring out a detailed guideline for setting up COVID Care Centre (CCC/ COVID Care Homes (CCH) for institutions indicating requirements of infrastructure, manpower and specification of equipment and management protocols.
  • In case it is required, the State Govt. will financially assist the setting up of the CCC & CCH and contribute to the expenditure on diet of the patients.

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