Odisha Govt Waives Rs 14.71 Cr Interest On Premium For OSHB & BDA Projects


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha State Housing Board (OSHB) has implemented 10 projects while the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has executed six projects over government land allotted by the Departments of General Administration & Public Grievance (GA & PG) and Revenue & Disaster Management (R & DM) on a lease basis.

The delay in payment of premium by OSHB and BDA attracted imposition of interest by GA & PG Department and R & DM Department which could not be paid because the housing/commercial units were constructed, sold & handed over to the allottees decades back. The allottees, having paid the cost of housing/commercial units, are pressing hard for the execution of lease deeds.

Now Government has proposed to waive out the interest payable on delayed payment of premium to the tune of Rs. 1471.75 lakhs (BDA-Rs.651.55 lakhs, OSHB Rs.820.20 lakhs). This initiative will benefit 5235 allottees (3984 in respect of OSHB & 1251 relating to BDA) of 16 projects executed by OSHB & BDA and therefore resolve this long-standing issue of execution of lease deeds in favour of the allottees.

OSHB and BDA are the two leading agencies of the State providing affordable housing. Govt. in GA & PG, as well as R & DM Department, provides Govt. land on lease or freehold basis to these agencies for the development of residential and commercial projects. The primary objective of such allotment of land is to achieve parity in the distribution of this precious resource and to ensure that the housing and commercial requirement of space in respect of less privileged section of the population is not monopolised and exploited by the private sectors.

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Odisha State Housing Board (OSHB) and Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) have done various housing projects on land provided by the Revenue and General Administration Department. There were issues between the department regarding penal interest and premium payment.

The State Cabinet today decided that the payment will be done as per the premium applicable on the day the land was handed over by the Revenue and General Administration Department to the OSHB and BDA and the penal interest of Rs 14.71 crore was waived.

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