Odisha Govt To Transfer MDM Cooking Cost To Accounts Of Students


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Government has decided to transfer the Mid Day Meal (MDM) cooking cost to the bank account of each student.

The State Nodal Officer for MDM, Gangadhar Sahoo, in a letter to all Collectors, has asked to transfer the MDM cooking cost for 90 days to the account of students through DBT.

First of all, they have been asked to ensure collection of the IFSC code of the Bank and the Bank Account No of the children or their parents for online transfer of the cooking cost i.e. Rs.4.93 for Primary and Rs.7.36 for Upper primary students for the period from 16th March to 31st March, 2020 (16 days). Similarly, the cooking cost i.e. Rs.5.42 for Primary and Rs.8.10 for Upper primary students for the period from 1st April 2020 to 13th June 2020 (74 days) to their Account on DBT mode.

So as per the above calculation, a Primary student is entitled to Rs.479.96/- and an Upper primary student is entitled to Rs.717.16/- for the above lockdown period of 90 days.

Secondly, if the Bank A/Cs of the students and parents are not available then the payment of cooking cost is to be made on Physical Acquittance in the school in presence of SMC members maintaining social distance and other COVID-19 hygienic protocol like face masking, hand washing, etc. In the alternative, the teachers can make payment at doorstep also in Physical Acquittance form and observing COVID-19 safety norms., the letter read.

Thirdly, it must be kept in mind that in case of receipt and disbursement of currency notes and changes, proper sanitization before and after receipt/ disbursement shall be made. It can be discussed with the bankers also, the letter further stated.

The Collectors have been asked to make all possible efforts to pay the cooking cost of 90 days directly to school students through RTGS/NEFT/Acquittance mode.

Further, they have been asked to direct the BEOs to make school wise plan in consultation with the H.Ms and the local Bankers having the school MDM Account.

Moreover, all DEOs should be instructed to transfer the cooking cost for the above period to the school account immediately and the progress of disbursement may be sent in the enclosed format, the letter further mentioned.

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